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CNN Attacks Football “Its a Dangerous Sport”

29 Jan

CNN Attacks Football “Its a Dangerous Sport”.

These dirty bastards just make my blood boil. I will admit they actually do some reporting, which is something Fox News wouldn’t know if it hit em in the face.

George Orwell’s Vision (Video)

29 Jan

George Orwell’s Vision (Video).

The finest in documentaries on the mal-intended lamestream media to herd the sheep by use of lies, truth burial, and censorship.

If you have a few hours to sit down and watch a video, I seriously slap my NO BULLSHIT recommendation on the video in the blog post link above.

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Beef Roast, Bread, and a Cinnamon Roll – Sandwich

29 Jan


Beef Roast, Bread, and Cinnamon Roll Sandwich.

Evolution, The Anti Science (Video)

29 Jan

Evolution, The Anti Science (Video).

I promise that no atheists were harmed during this production!

Americans are Too Cheap To Buy Off Politicians

29 Jan

Americans are Too Cheap To Buy Off Politicians.

Damn right we are and trust there no plans to change it!