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You Have Rights When Stopped By Police

17 Aug

If you’re ever in a funk that involves police in the Houston area, and they suspect you of being drunk, while driving, or even catch you in a situation where you have an opened alcoholic beverage container in the vehicle, you’re in serious trouble and should consult with a defense lawyer who can help you through the ordeal.

In light of the recent violence involving citizens and police, as far as the selectively objective media is concerned, your life may depend on you remaining calm, but politely asserting your rights when dealing with law enforcement.

The following web page,, has a number of resources available for persons who may be in need of a sharp defense attorney who can answer questions related to how to deal with such situations.

Know Your Rights!

You have the right to not participate in those silly roadside tests in addition to the right to remain silent, and avoid incriminating yourself. Regardless of the current opinion as of the current “now” moment, a smart, experienced, articulate, and charismatic criminal defense lawyer should be sought for advice if you want to be prepared for these kind of situations.