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Tesla: Master of Lightning

6 Jul

Tesla: Master of Lightning

Watch this documentary and wonder how a man this smart could get screwed over so badly by swagger theives and major monied industrialists. At least he kicked Thomas Edison’s ass lol.

His death ray is also examined and a good discussion of particle beam weaponry follows. President Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars program is also discussed, along with HAARP, the super secret microwave array in a remote part blah blah blah go see the movie, err, documentary.


Watch Free Movies Online ! ~ VizTV

10 Feb

Dear visitors and valued followers of VizFact’s Epic Outpost I have added a directory of videos that I am currently showing on my video site. I will make sure to keep it updated as we add more content, but I added it to give a little bit more life to this wordpress blog, and to provide something of entertainment value to all four of you! lol! (And of coarse we all want visitors to our web properties)

You should see a link at the top of the page that says Watch Free Movies Online or Watch Movies, check it out!


Update: In light of 9 zillion trackbacks coming back to the site and crashing it, I decided it best to just link to the sitemap.