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The World Sucks! (Comedy+Truth)

29 Apr

The World Sucks! | VizLogs003.

Well, The Video wouldn’t let me embed so heres the linksauce!

National Popular Vote Initiative, A Terrible Idea

25 Feb

The Majority

Hey Guys! Please take a moment to visit VizFact Dot Com and take a look at this post I wrote as an argument against the onset of a popular vote system of electing Presidents, and why I think its a bad idea, and a bad idea for any country.

This isn’t all about America, its about the people being free from the domination of the select few who sit atop all majorities.

National Popular Vote Initiative

Warriors of the State: Lunch Police

15 Feb

The mighty state wields its unwavering power and authority! ……

……On the evil lunch of a 4 year old in North Carolina!

Down with packed lunches I tell you!!! Down with packed lunches!

The Lunch Police.

Peter Schiff on Government Birth Control

12 Feb


Peter Schiff on Government Birth Control.

The Ugly Side of Morgan Freeman

30 Jan

The Ugly Side of Morgan Freeman.

The co-editor of Blasts Morgan Freeman. Interesting blog post.

CNN Attacks Football “Its a Dangerous Sport”

29 Jan

CNN Attacks Football “Its a Dangerous Sport”.

These dirty bastards just make my blood boil. I will admit they actually do some reporting, which is something Fox News wouldn’t know if it hit em in the face.