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The World Sucks! (Comedy+Truth)

29 Apr

The World Sucks! | VizLogs003.

Well, The Video wouldn’t let me embed so heres the linksauce!

10 Ways Womens Rights Has Destroyed the World

11 Mar

Victim Of Feminism

Hot on the heals of cosmetic surgery for a cuter vagina, a brilliant post by the executive assistant vice president to the CEO we don’t have yet, Feminism has and is continuing to destroy mankind.

Go check it out at the link below.

10 Ways Feminism Has Destroyed the World.

Colonizing Space, End Abortion!

8 Mar

Will Colonizing Space Threaten State Sponsored Abortion?

Pepsi Cannibalizes Flavor Enhancers with Dead Babies

1 Feb

Pepsi Cannibalizes Flavor Enhancers with Dead Babies.

The dirty bastards. Makes you remember when Bayer put aids in the aspirin.