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The World Sucks! (Comedy+Truth)

29 Apr

The World Sucks! | VizLogs003.

Well, The Video wouldn’t let me embed so heres the linksauce!

Ron Paul! It Ain’t Over!

13 Feb

Ron Paul: The Sauce

The Republican Establishment bastards continue to screw over Dr Ron Paul.

The blog post I’m linking to is one thing, but the video some dude laid on YouTube laying out the apparent vote fraud in Maine is certainly worth checking out. It embodies the frustration of the average American who is “In The Know”.

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To the GOP, With Love

5 Feb

Better yet, they should just roll the Democrats & Republicans into the Republicrat party and assign the ass to it, because they are all the same these days. Bigger government, more intrusion on peoples’ rights, more war.  Enough said.

Contiue Reading —>     To the GOP, With Love.

Florida GOP Republican Debates | Jan 23 2012

23 Jan

Florida NBC GOP Debate | Jan 23 2012.


As much of the video as I could find. Enjoy.

Who Is Mitt Romney

14 Jan

Who Is Mitt Romney.

Republicans Must Be Braindead, Mitt Romney

12 Jan

Republicans Must Be Stupid, Mitt Romney.