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Labioplasty for The Perfect Vagina

11 Mar

The Perfect Vagina

I was just minding my own business expanding the categories on VizTV by getting ideas from a competitor and what do I see on the competitions website? A video about cunt cutting and vaginal surgery…..for cosmetic purposes. Needless to say it didn’t make it VizTV, I blogged my opinion about cosmetic labioplasty at the link below, the video documentary is there too, in full high quality.

Labioplasty: The Quest for The Perfect Vagina.

George Orwell’s Vision (Video)

29 Jan

George Orwell’s Vision (Video).

The finest in documentaries on the mal-intended lamestream media to herd the sheep by use of lies, truth burial, and censorship.

If you have a few hours to sit down and watch a video, I seriously slap my NO BULLSHIT recommendation on the video in the blog post link above.

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