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VizLogs001 | Class Warfare & Hater Politics

21 Mar

Click The Link To See The Video

VizLogs001 | Class Warfare & Demoncratic Politics.

10 Ways Womens Rights Has Destroyed the World

11 Mar

Victim Of Feminism

Hot on the heals of cosmetic surgery for a cuter vagina, a brilliant post by the executive assistant vice president to the CEO we don’t have yet, Feminism has and is continuing to destroy mankind.

Go check it out at the link below.

10 Ways Feminism Has Destroyed the World.

Labioplasty for The Perfect Vagina

11 Mar

The Perfect Vagina

I was just minding my own business expanding the categories on VizTV by getting ideas from a competitor and what do I see on the competitions website? A video about cunt cutting and vaginal surgery…..for cosmetic purposes. Needless to say it didn’t make it VizTV, I blogged my opinion about cosmetic labioplasty at the link below, the video documentary is there too, in full high quality.

Labioplasty: The Quest for The Perfect Vagina.

Colonizing Space, End Abortion!

8 Mar

Will Colonizing Space Threaten State Sponsored Abortion?

Trick To Switch To Yahoo Classic Mail

3 Mar

Hey guys! I found a way to switch back to Yahoo Classic Mail. For those of us who don’t use Yahoo Mail you may not need to read the post linked below but for those who do use Yahoo Mail and appreciated Yahoo Classic Mail and hated when Yahoo forced the switch, you are in for a treat.

How to Switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail.