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10 Ways Womens Rights Has Destroyed the World

11 Mar

Victim Of Feminism

Hot on the heals of cosmetic surgery for a cuter vagina, a brilliant post by the executive assistant vice president to the CEO we don’t have yet, Feminism has and is continuing to destroy mankind.

Go check it out at the link below.

10 Ways Feminism Has Destroyed the World.

Warriors of the State: Lunch Police

15 Feb

The mighty state wields its unwavering power and authority! ……

……On the evil lunch of a 4 year old in North Carolina!

Down with packed lunches I tell you!!! Down with packed lunches!

The Lunch Police.

Peter Schiff on Government Birth Control

12 Feb


Peter Schiff on Government Birth Control.

K-Rino’s Grand Deception | Houston, Texas

10 Feb

Check out this song, you’ll love it, if not, leave a comment explaining why. Please?

K-Rino’s Grand Deception.

George Orwell’s Vision (Video)

29 Jan

George Orwell’s Vision (Video).

The finest in documentaries on the mal-intended lamestream media to herd the sheep by use of lies, truth burial, and censorship.

If you have a few hours to sit down and watch a video, I seriously slap my NO BULLSHIT recommendation on the video in the blog post link above.

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Mayor Annise Parker, Red Light Camera Whore, Pimping Voters

13 Jan

Mayor Annise Parker, Red Light Camera Whore, Pimping Voters.